Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"Cape Town"

Hey loves! I apologize for my absence, but I have been in South Africa for the past two weeks. I returned on this past Friday and have been trying to get over horrible jet lag and exhaustion .During the two weeks I was gone I went to four countries; Zimbabwe, South Africa, Botswana, and Zambia. The entire trip was life changing and I am so blessed that I was able to go.  I want to share with you the beauty of my trip in the next few posts. In this first post I will try to summarize what I did the first four days I was in Cape Town. I was taken back at how westernized the city was. It is absolutely gorgeous and I could so see myself living there. This post will be slightly picture heavy...but honestly it is impossible for it not to be in order for me to give you a birds eye view of my experience..enjoy!

The cable car that took us up to the top of Table Mountain.

At Cape Point where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet.

Monday, October 21, 2013

"On the Bandwagon"

Yep! I did it, I went against my word and jumped on the Phillip Lim bandwagon, I just couldn't resist. I had initially fell in love with the collection way before it came out and like everyone else waited with bated breath for it to be released. The line was released while I was on vacation in Jamaica, but when I returned my social media news feed was full of pictures and posts of sold out Targets, people buying up pieces of the collection in bulk, and even Target online was sold out. I was completely over it at that point and was not going to stress myself trying to find the pieces I originally wanted, but then the fashion Gods smiled on me....LOL
 I happened to be on an different side of town shopping for therapy materials and I ran into a Target to buy some toiletries and guess what, the pieces that I wanted were there and in my size......fashion divine intervention I guess.
I paired the skirt with a thrifted Diane Von Furstenburg blouse ($1.50 can you believe it???), Jeffery Campbell platforms, simple gold accessories, and I used the coordinating scarf as a head wrap.

Although it is technically fall here in Atlanta, we have had some pretty amazing weather. So as you see I am taking full advantage of these warm 85 degree temperature days.

So how amazing is this blouse?? I love the details and the feel of the fabric. I can't believe I lucked up on it at the thrift store. This vintage Chanel pin is another thrift store treasure that I found years ago. About three years ago I took it to to have it appraised to see if it was real, and honey chile' it was!! I paid $3.50 for it, but the woman I took it to looked up the serial number and told me I could sale it for at least $400-$500.....amazing right??? It is a staple in my wardrobe for sure you can see how I have wore it HERE and HERE .
Yep my eyes are semi closed but oh wells... I love the shot....LOL. So did any of you ladies hop on the Phillip Lim bandwagon? What did you buy? Word on the street is it is now on super clearance at Target...hmm. You can check out the other pieces of the collection HERE.
Skirt & Scarf: Phillip Lim via Target
Shoes: Jeffery Campbell seen HERE
Blouse &Brooch Thrifted
Clutch: Consignment seen HERE

Thursday, October 17, 2013

"Fashion Inspiration- Diana and Alina from Absolutely Fabulous"

The cyber world is full of so many amazing blogs and I am a fan of so many however, if I was forced at gun point to give my absolutely favorite, number one blog that I am inspired by it would be these amazing ladies. I found Diana and Alina's blog "Absolutely Fabulous" about a year ago when they had left a comment on one of my posts. When I clicked on their blog I was literally gasped at the first image I saw. These two are literally the epitome of fabulous. They creatively mix high and low pieces,  have beautiful photography, and show their individual style impeccably. They truly give me LIFE! Check out a bird's eye view of their style below:

I think Diana's shirt pretty much sums up their style. You can check out more from these amazing ladies on their blog Absolutely Fabulous HERE.

Monday, October 14, 2013


Hi guys!!!!! It's been forever since I posted I know, but life for me right now is going the speed of a Japanese Bullet Train, and I am just holding on for dear life. Anywhoo, not gonna bore you with the details of my forever hectic life but, instead lets move forward and discuss my outfit........
 I thrifted this organza like material A-line skirt many moons ago and decided to pair it with a Forever 21  crop top, my "All Chains" Jefferey Campbells, and gold accessories. I LOVE this skirt! The picture doesn't really capture the beauty of the rich emerald green color.

 I honestly forgot that I had these babies in my shoe repertoire'. I bought them for my birthday in March and  I first wore them HERE. Unfortunately I haven't worn them since...*sigh*

Happy Monday!... P.S I am South Africa bound in 12 days.....can you say EXCITED!!!
Skirt: Thrifted
Clutch & Rings: Asos first seen HERE
Shoes: Jeffery Campbell seen HERE
Necklace: Consignment seen HERE
Shirt: Forever 21