Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"The Eye of the Tiger"

About a week ago I visited my favorite local resale/consignment shop in midtown and found this shawl  that I thought was so dope for under 20 bucks!
Words really can't express the love I have for thrift and resale/consignment stores. They are my favorite places to shop!!!! Not only for economical reasons, but because you find so many unique one of the kind pieces.
I paired it with my black skinny jeans and  my new Jeffrey Campbell's which I am trying to get accustomed to. The shoes are hot, but have a serious platform that makes me feel a little "Frankenstienish" These "Lana's" are a completely different look from my go to "Lita's"
I hope everyone is having a great week so far!  Happy Hump Day =0)!!

Shawl: Consignment

Jeans: Levi's via Macy's

White V Neck: TJ Maxx

Shoes: Jeffery Campbell "Lana" via

Monday, November 28, 2011


A popular pattern seen this fall is houndstooth aka dogstooth. As with everything else in fashion this pattern has of course repeated itself, because I remember my mom wearing the pattern when I was a little girl. The two-toned pattern consists of small broken or jagged checks reminiscent of the jagged back teeth of a hound. Since my Shih Tzu Bubba has the most jacked up teeth in the world I felt it was neccessary to include him in my pics...LOL!!!
I found this houndstooth blazer for $5.25 during one of my thirfting shopping days. I paired it with black skinnies and one of my favorite pairs of shoes to add a pop of color.

This is one of my thrift store I found this brooch along with some earrings at a Value Village. When I was in DC recently I took it to a designer boutique to see if it was real or faux. The owner of the boutique appraised it and is official circa 1982!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 I really don't know why I have the "someone just ran over my dog" sad face in this pic..oh wells.

Blazer: Thrifted

Jeans: Levi's via Macy's

Shoes: Jessica Simpson via Dillards

V neck T-shirt: Gap

Brooch: Chanel via Thrifted

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Beyond Thankful

I hope that everyone had a  fantastic Thanksgiving holiday. Instead of traveling this year I stayed in Atlanta, relaxed and tried to catch up on some work (FAIL). My roommate's family drove down from North Carolina so we hosted thanksgiving dinner, which I can really toot my horn and say she and I did a AWESOME job cooking our first dinner. Everything turned out great! 
We did a little shopping on Friday so I snapped a  couple of pictures of what I wore. The only objective was comfort! I picked up the stainless steel pot set I wanted and got a adorable fedora from The Gap that I happened to accidentally stumble on.
Tomorrow's plan is church, tennis, and then my roommate and I are going to use all the left over turkey and  ham to make sandwiches ,and take them along with water and chips to feed the homeless. There is ABSOLUTELY no way we can eat the left overs and no way we are just gonna throw them away! I reflect on my life daily and it would be impossible for me to count my blessings. I am just really beyond thankful
Happy Thanksgiving!

Jeans: Levi's via Macy's

Cardigan and tank: Forever 21

Shoes and fingerless gloves: Ugg Australia via Nordstrom

Hat: Thrifted

Purse: Louis Vuitton via Louis Vuitton store

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Poparazzi....."click", "click"

I know many of you may find what I am about to say unbelievable, but I haven't seen one single episode of "The Basketball Wives"**gasp**..LOL. Honestly I barely have time to watch TV, so most of the shows that I enjoy I record and watch them on the weekend and for some reason I have never had any interest in the show to even record it. A girl can really only handle so much foolery. Anyway I made these earrings from a collection of other earrings I had. It wasn't until about a week ago that I realized the beautiful earrings I had fallen in love with along with thousands of other ladies were Evelyn's signature earring called "The Poparazzi"

I love big flashy jewelry so it was a given I would be drawn to these. I believe you can order then from her boutique or take the economic route like I did. Make a trip to Michael's  this weekend( or any other fabric store) to purchase the studs and beads and  your neighborhood beauty supply where you can pick up gold hoops for about a dollar. You can easily create your own for under five dollars!

I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Black Friday shopping!!! God Bless xoxoxoxo

Dress: H&M

Shoes: Foxy's by Jeffery Campbell via

Clutch: Elle Tahari via Neiman Marcus Last Call

Earrings: My own, remixed from other earrings in my collection =0)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lace'd up

I love mini dresses and my friends will tell you that they call me "The cold shoulder queen"..LOL I ran across this dress in Dillards and absolutely loved the cold shoulder combination with the lace panels. The weather here in Atlanta has been beautiful during the day and chilly at night so I added a pair of lace tights and a black bomber jacket( not pictured). Mini dresses and cold shoulders are just a couple of my many fashion favs...what are yours???

Dress:  Dillards found here

Shoes:  Jeffery Campbell "Night Walkers via

Tights: Target

Friday, November 18, 2011

Color Blocking

On this day I decided to wear one of the two pairs of slacks I own and experiment with one of the hottest trends right now; color blocking. I am really a " team dress" type of girl and tend to stay far away from slacks because I do not like how my thighs look in them, but I absolutely loooove the fit of this particular pair.

Color blocking is one of the easiest ways to remix your wardrobe .There's really no thought to it. Just go to your closet, choose solid colored pieces, throw them together and you've got it! I added a printed cardigan that I found at a thrift store for three dollars to jazz up the look a little more. At first it may not seem like it goes, but I gurantee you will like the end results!

Slacks: Victoria Secret

Ruffled Sleeveless Blouse: Ralph Lauren via TJ Maxx

Shoes: unknown

Clutch: ASOS

Cardigan: Thrifted

Ring: Ashley Stewart

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Gap- Circa 2002

I was going through my closet and decided to pull out a piece of my own "recycled style". 90% of my recycled pieces I have gotten from thrift stores, but this  piece is my own that I bought when I worked at The Gap  during college. I fell in love with the skirt when I bought it in 2002 and love it just as much in 2011. I'm a little worried because I have had it taken in twice already and need to have it taken it again but don't want to ruin the integrity of the cut and flow of the skirt.

I paired it with a graphic T from Forever 21 and my Lita's. On this day I went to a new vintage store I had been dying to check out called Poor Little Rich Girl. The store was amazing and I picked up a couple of dope pieces that I will share with you soon.

Go through your closet this weekend and see what "recycled style" pieces you may be pleasantly surprised!! One thing we know for sure about clothes and style is that they constantly repeat themselves. Happy Monday!

Skirt: Gap, Circa 2002

Graphic T: Forever 21

Shoes: Jeffery Campbell Lita via

Clutch: Elie Tahari via Neiman Marcus Last Call

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Night of Stars

So anyone who knows me is aware that I am the biggest Jay Z fan in the world!! I have been in love with him since 1996 and think he is truly the king of the rap game. With that being said, it was no question that I was going to the "Watch the Throne" tour when it was announced. I immediately bought my ticket and waited with bated breath for the tour to start while also planning what I was going to wear to one of the best nights of my life. When I ran across this dress online, I  instantly fell in love and knew it was "the one".

I paired it with my Jeffery Campbell "Night Walkers" (which are not only amazing, but super comfortable) and  my spiked earrings. I fell in love with the cut of the dress and how incredibly comfortable it is.

The concert was absolutely EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dress- found Here

Shoes- Jeffery Campbell via Sole Struck

Clutch- ASOS

Two-Finger Ring- ASOS

Earrings- Street Vendor, NYC

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

4 Ef's- Finichia, Fashion, Faith, and a Fedora

Wow! I actually did it; I actually put my ideas and passion into action. This is my first post...yippee!!
I went to DC to celebrate a friend's birthday and had the opportunity to go check out the MLK memorial. Here are a few pictures I captured on my trip. The monument is absolutely beautiful, and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to go see it!!


Here I was on the steps in front of the Lincoln Memorial. It was so peaceful and still at the top even though there were hundreds of people around. I actually read the ENTIRE Gettysburg address for the first time since junior high school. It resonated with me differently this time............

Fedora: Target

Black Riding Stretch Pants: Kenneth Cole

Black Turtle Neck Sweater: Gap

Brown and Black side Zip Vest: Tags Boutique, Atlanta GA

Two-Toned Riding Boots: Ciao Bella via Century 21

Purse: Louis Vuitton, via Louis Vuitton Store