Monday, October 21, 2013

"On the Bandwagon"

Yep! I did it, I went against my word and jumped on the Phillip Lim bandwagon, I just couldn't resist. I had initially fell in love with the collection way before it came out and like everyone else waited with bated breath for it to be released. The line was released while I was on vacation in Jamaica, but when I returned my social media news feed was full of pictures and posts of sold out Targets, people buying up pieces of the collection in bulk, and even Target online was sold out. I was completely over it at that point and was not going to stress myself trying to find the pieces I originally wanted, but then the fashion Gods smiled on me....LOL
 I happened to be on an different side of town shopping for therapy materials and I ran into a Target to buy some toiletries and guess what, the pieces that I wanted were there and in my divine intervention I guess.
I paired the skirt with a thrifted Diane Von Furstenburg blouse ($1.50 can you believe it???), Jeffery Campbell platforms, simple gold accessories, and I used the coordinating scarf as a head wrap.

Although it is technically fall here in Atlanta, we have had some pretty amazing weather. So as you see I am taking full advantage of these warm 85 degree temperature days.

So how amazing is this blouse?? I love the details and the feel of the fabric. I can't believe I lucked up on it at the thrift store. This vintage Chanel pin is another thrift store treasure that I found years ago. About three years ago I took it to to have it appraised to see if it was real, and honey chile' it was!! I paid $3.50 for it, but the woman I took it to looked up the serial number and told me I could sale it for at least $400-$500.....amazing right??? It is a staple in my wardrobe for sure you can see how I have wore it HERE and HERE .
Yep my eyes are semi closed but oh wells... I love the shot....LOL. So did any of you ladies hop on the Phillip Lim bandwagon? What did you buy? Word on the street is it is now on super clearance at Target...hmm. You can check out the other pieces of the collection HERE.
Skirt & Scarf: Phillip Lim via Target
Shoes: Jeffery Campbell seen HERE
Blouse &Brooch Thrifted
Clutch: Consignment seen HERE


  1. I love this outfit. Hand it over! Please and thank you!

  2. You sure styled it Great and I like the head wrap on you. I just saw the skirt on clearance at Tarjaay for $20.00 but it was just too short for me.

    1. Thanks MyKurves. Yes it is short, I actually had to go up a size because of my hips.. so I could get more length..*sigh* The struggle....LOL

  3. I love how you styled this! Also, where are some of the thrift/consignment stores that you like to shop??

  4. the skirt & scarf are so cute! love the whole look as well!