Monday, June 18, 2012

"A Sea of Green"

Next to purple I think this sea foam/mint green is one of my favorite colors. I paid a visit to my favorite consignment store in midtown, and lucked up on this vintage dress.
I decided to go for the monochromatic look again, and instead of wearing  pumps, I added a modern touch by wearing my turquoise Litas and favorite belt that my bestie Qrush Velvet gave me.
I like to mix my vintage and thrifted pieces with modern pieces to balance it out. I recommend this to you new thrift and vintage shoppers as well. I do see many stylists and bloggers pull off the 100% thrifted look effortlessly, I however can not....LOL. Nadia Aboulhosn of is a AWESOME example of someone who can rock the heck out of some serious 100% Goodwill pieces
Dress: Consignment
Belt: gifted seen here here and here
Rings: Unknown
Shoes: Jeffery Campbell seen here
Purse: H&M
Polish: Essie "Mint Candy Apple"


  1. yas gawd!!!!!!!!!!! U CONTINUE to give me LIFEEE

    1. LOL!!!!!!!!!
      Thanks girl!!!!! You crack me up!! You are one of my most faithful readers, you have been with me from the beginning I so appreciate you!!

  2. Such a pretty color. I love this look!

  3. Just lovely! And I adore your ombre curls!

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