Monday, May 14, 2012

"Loud Leggings"

I hope you all had a great Mother's Day weekend. I rested and did paperwork all weekend because of the overcast and rainy weather. On Saturday when the sun finally came out I decided to take advantage by peeling myself out of the bed to go and run some errands.
There is nothing more comfortable and easy to dress up than leggings. I ran across these online and fell in love.
I also took advantage of the cooler weather by pulling out my turquoise Litas that I first wore here,
Leggings are my go to casual outfit, what is yours?

Shirt: Threadsense seen here and here
Leggings: ASOS at a great price here
Shoes: Jeffery Campbell via Solestruck found here
Jewlery: Consignment and grandmother's
Sunnies: Consignment


  1. oh how i love this! bold colors #win

    btw i thought your blog was the deserving of the Versatile Blog award. check it out on the blog


    1. sooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!! Those leggings are BOMB!

    2. Thanks ladies!!!! @ Shainna thank you so much, I really appreciate that!!! What is the the blog URL, so I can check it out? =0)

  2. I love how you wear your turquoise Lita's. I have sooo much trouble trying to style mine! :(

    1. Thanks Nadia! I can't believe you have a hard time, they will go with any and everything. Skinny jeans, denim shorts, maxi skirt, leggings, the possibilites are endless :0)

    2. I think it's 'cause I'm so matchy matchy, I find I don't wear skinnies or denim ever 'cause I can't fit it, I probably could try with leggings though! lol

  3. I love this look!!! The leggings are the BOMB!!!