Monday, December 5, 2011


This weekend I attended a Christmas dinner hosted by The 100 Black Women of Atlanta and I was finally able to wear this beautiful vintage St. John sweater dress that I found two years ago at vintage store back home. My mouth fell to the floor when I found it. I was unable to fit it when I bought it, but the beauty of the dress and the fact that I wanted to wear it was added fuel to my "Get down to my goal size fire".
The dress is so beautiful and has so much detail that I opted for a monochromatic look to avoid taking anything away from the dress.
I absolutely love the gold detailing around the neckline.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! xoxoxoxo

Dress: St. John via Decades Vintage Store, Salt Lake City, UT

Shoes: BCBG

Eel Skinned Clutch: Consignment

Ring: ASOS

Bracelet: Roommate's (borrowed)


  1. That dress is a straight banger! Love the way it looks on you! Simply stylish and classy.

  2. Digging this look! Lovely..


  3. 1) I love the whole look. perfect for a holiday party.

    2) the dress is timeless. WEIRDEST PART.. I bought a St. John's vintage dress at that exact store the only time I have ever been to Utah... IRONIC!!!

    so glad I found you!


  4. @Sabrina I am glad your following!! That is so crazy that not only stumbled upon Decades, but also found your own St. John treasure!!! Awesome!

  5. You look so sophisticated here! The dress looks wonderful on you!

  6. Love the dress

  7. Beautiful dress!

    xo Ashleigh

  8. Thanks Ashleigh,Kasidy and That E girl=0)

  9. That dress! Gots to be more careful!

  10. Beautiful dress! And you are working the accessories!

  11. Love that!!