Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"Neon Skater"

I bought my first skater dress and decided to wear it this weekend. It was on sale for super cheap on ASOS so I decided to go ahead and get it even though I wasn't to sure about the tulip bottom. I love the colors and color block however I am not feeling the fit of this particular dress. I honestly feel like it adds volume to an area of my body that absolutely needs NO extra volume...LOL.
Nevertheless I was pleased with the accessories I chose and how I put it together so I decided to go ahead and post the pictures. =0/. My second pair of Badacious earrings matched perfectly.
I love dresses but I think I am going to stick to  my regular peplum, bodycon, or maxi dress style. I  am going to add this beautiful one to the "Shop Fancy Curves Closet" to sale.
Dress: ASOS found here
Shoes: Betsey Johnson seen here
Earrings: Badacious.com first seen here
Ring: H&M


  1. I drool over those shoes everytime you wear them!

    1. LOL... that means they belong in your closet;0)