Monday, December 26, 2011

"Turquoise Love"

For Christmas this year I treated myself to a new pair of JC's! You may remember these beauties from my shoe wish list post I did a few weeks ago.

I wear my other Litas  to death, so I was beyond excited when these arrived in the mail. The Lita is the greatest shoe made!! They are soooo comfortable, an amazing height, and go with absolutely everything..what more could a girl ask for?

My ABSOLUTE favorite nail color in the world next to black and white is this color from Essie called "Mint Candy Apple" I wear it so much that I actually had to take a break from it...LOL. But the arrival of my new shoes made me go right back to my old faithful  polish.

Shoes: Jeffery Campbell Lita via Solestruck found Here

Sparkle Jeans, Sweater, Blouse: Forever 21

Ring: ASOS (old)


  1. hand me the shoes and no one gets hurt!!

  2. Turquoise is one of my absolute favorite colors. The shoes are simply AMAZING!!!! I just love your style...can't wait for more post :-)

  3. Girl... Stop it! These are fabulous! Wow!

  4. where did you buy them??? love the color :D

    1. Thanks! If you click on the "here" link next to where I list what I am wearing, it will take you directly to the site where I bought them from=0)

  5. Oh made me buy them...i'm so broke after fell in love with JC litas, got 4 pairs already... feelin guilty but man are they beauties!