Thursday, July 25, 2013


Yellow is definitely not my color, but unfortunately my camera wanted to turn my shirt and purse that are actually lime green to this bright yellow. I am in LOVE with this purse that I recently purchased from Asos, it adds the perfect pop of color to everything.
I paired this shirt with a pair of silk like harem pants, my London Trash leopard platforms ( yes I broke down and bought another pair....LOL) and a pair of awesome earrings from Badacious.
I love these earrings, but unfortunately after about two hours they start to hurt something terrible. I am not sure if it is this particular style, because I own two other pair of their earrings and I have no problems. You can see the other ones I have worn HERE and HERE.
Shirt and Pants: Bisou Bisou via JC Penny
Shoes: London Trash found HERE
Earrings: Found HERE
Purse & Arm Candy: Asos

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