Monday, January 7, 2013

"Sex in the Houston"

Hey ladies. Here are the Houston pictures I captured with my friends last weekend. I wanted to share with you my OOTN pictures and other images that I captured. This trip was especially epic because the entire Sex in the City Crew hasn't been together collectively in about five years. We have seen each other separately but this was the first time the entire crew has been together. These girls are my heart and we have been friends for 16 years! We all love fashion and have our own unique styles, personality, and a friendship that is going on almost two decades...hence the name "Sex in the City"...LOL. We adopted the name about five years ago and trust me the characters truly match the ones in the movie. So without further adieu, my clique......
My personality and style is very much Miranda. I am very strong minded ,business savy and funny.

Carrie is no other than my girl Eureka. She is the most daring out of the three of us when it comes to fashion. Her style and boldness truly inspires me. She is a beast when is come to hair and adding that extra funk on things. She is the one responsible for my long side braid above which I fell in love with. When it comes to natural hair she is the Messiah, I have nickname her the hair natzi...LOL. You can check out her style and hair blog HERE

Sheila is Samantha because of her sexiness and witty sarcasm. She has such a sweet spirit, and is always the voice of reason. I love the heck outta this girl!!

Cindy is Charlotte because she is very conservative in all the ways that you can be conservative. She is also a very positive person who in the 16 years I have known her I can count on one hand how many times I have her sad. She is truly the strongest and most beautiful person I know.
A special shout out to Centerria and Shayla who drove to Houston with Sheila and Eureka. It was my first time meeting these ladies and they were both super sweet. They vibed with my girls and I perfectly. Until next time......
Outfit 1: 
Dress &Clutch: Asos found HERE and HERE
Outfit 2:
Skirt & Blouse: Express(recent) gifted from my brother found HERE and HERE
Clutch: Asos
Faux Fur: Wilson's (old)
Outfit 3:
Peplum Catsuit: Asos (sold out)
Half Blazer: Vintage Escada via Decades
Shoes: Jeffery Campbell
Purse: Century 21


  1. You guys all look so fab!! I sure wish I had a bunch of fly lady friends!!! ♥ I LOVEEEEEEEd ur looks so much I can't pick my fave!!!

    1. Thank you hun!!! My favorite is the body con dress from Asos...It was so forgiving....LOL

  2. Now you girls are Truley Rep'n the Chocolate Version of the SNTC gals.. love everyones style and looks!! Great pics.. I have to 2nd Vernessia... I miss having a group of stylish.. fun Girlfriends around :( looks like you girls have a blast!


  3. I love all of yalls outfits!

  4. Love yall's style!!! Hot!!!

    Bella Duafe

  5. everyone look too fierce for life. your home girl with the blue lipstick #life loved everything.


    1. Thanks Shay, Yes the lipstick was definitely some high fashion ish...I WISH I could've pulled it off...LOL

  6. Fab ladies! it!!!


  7. NICEEEE! So good to see a group of girls loving each other and looking so FLY! You guys remind me of me and my friends.. LOVE that black dress with the spiked shoulders honey.. WERK!