Thursday, April 12, 2012

"Trayvon Martin"

In light of the new developments in the Trayvon Martin case I felt compelled to do a post about my feelings on the case and to share some of the pictures that I took when Sam and I went to a peace rally a couple weeks ago. I am not going to dwell on the anger and sadness that I have regarding this case, but instead focus on the bigger picture; combating negative stereotypes. Trayvon was killed because of George Zimmerman's  negative stereotype of a" young black male in a hoodie ", which lead to an unnecessary fear that caused him to react impulsively. The end result was the death of an innocent teenager.
What is Justice for Trayvon?
Revenge? Peace? Change? An arrest?
Pictures of DJ Drama, my pastor Craig Oliver and a student of Morehouse college.

I am aware that this is not typical "personal style blog" material, but I wanted to use the small platform that I have to try and spread the word on how we need to challenge how we think and act. What can we do to combat negative sterotypes? Your thoughts?


  1. no worries girl! I also did a post for Trayvon and his family...and i rocked my hoodie! sometimes we have to take a step back from our lives in order to support someone else.


  2. Yes, I am so glad you decided to post this. This issue is big and needs to be addressed. I too have been very upset by this. As a mother I cant imagine how it feels to lose your child over something so senseless.

    1. Thanks for your support Ari! I agree this issue is huge, but I truly believe that God's hand is in this and justice will be served.

  3. Hey where did you get your Barack he vote hoodie from?

    1. I got it 4 years go when he originally ran for office from a website They discontiued making them once he won, however they may start again for the new election.