Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"Just a White T"

Wow I have only had my blog up 3 and a half weeks and I made it to 51 followers!! I am so excited and appreciate you all for supporting me!!!!!xoxoxoxo
This is probably one of my favorite belts in my collection. I found the buckle four years ago from Decades Vintage store when I was home visiting my family. I went to a thrift store and found this brown leather belt to put it on, and I stumbled across the ring about 2 years ago when I was shopping online. My Delta BFF always tries to jack me for it...LOL

I know from the color of my purse and the elephants it looks as though I am representing the lovely ladies of Delta Sigma Theta, but don't get it twisted I bleed pink and green. ;0)...skeeeoooop!

Boyfriend Jeans: The Gap

Shoes: Jeffery Campbell "Lita" via

Belt: Decades Vintage Store, Salt Lake City, UT

Ring: ASOS

T-shirt: TJ Maxx

Purse: Tags Boutique, Atlanta, GA


  1. Congrats on your follower count!!!I've only been blogging about 8 weeks myself!!! It's amazing!!

  2. I love laid back casual/cute outfits. Very nice! Congrats on your follower count. I'm a newbie as well. It's fun!

  3. Who does your hair, its always so pretty :-)

  4. Who helped you get started with this blog. Its fantastic

  5. Thank you ladies! It is a blast!! I really love it.
    @Ciao Bella I go to Salon 290 in Smyrna, my stylist's name is Hugette.

    @ C Beazy..some tall country dude that has does IT for Tmobile, who likes my roommate and has the cutest juiciest son ever helped might know him....LOL

  6. I'm hating so hard on that belt buckle. Also I have never seen anyone make those Jeffrey Campbells look so simple and classy.

  7. Your Shoe game is more that amazing! WOW!!!
    I love it!

    -E. Louise

  8. I know you bleed pink and green but on first glance you could be a Sensational Soror of DST. :-) I love the elephants!