Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Poparazzi....."click", "click"

I know many of you may find what I am about to say unbelievable, but I haven't seen one single episode of "The Basketball Wives"**gasp**..LOL. Honestly I barely have time to watch TV, so most of the shows that I enjoy I record and watch them on the weekend and for some reason I have never had any interest in the show to even record it. A girl can really only handle so much foolery. Anyway I made these earrings from a collection of other earrings I had. It wasn't until about a week ago that I realized the beautiful earrings I had fallen in love with along with thousands of other ladies were Evelyn's signature earring called "The Poparazzi"

I love big flashy jewelry so it was a given I would be drawn to these. I believe you can order then from her boutique or take the economic route like I did. Make a trip to Michael's  this weekend( or any other fabric store) to purchase the studs and beads and  your neighborhood beauty supply where you can pick up gold hoops for about a dollar. You can easily create your own for under five dollars!

I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Black Friday shopping!!! God Bless xoxoxoxo

Dress: H&M

Shoes: Foxy's by Jeffery Campbell via

Clutch: Elle Tahari via Neiman Marcus Last Call

Earrings: My own, remixed from other earrings in my collection =0)


  1. I sure wish we had an H & M. I love everything about this look. I am a sucker for accessories so u know the shoes and earrings have me salivating.

  2. Love it! Glad to find your blog. Repping the Peaches <3

  3. @style4curves I hate that you don't have an H&M too, they have some really cute inexpensive pieces.

    @NurseNikki I am happy you found my blog as and I am excited that you are following as well! I appreciate the love =0)!!!!