Saturday, November 26, 2011

Beyond Thankful

I hope that everyone had a  fantastic Thanksgiving holiday. Instead of traveling this year I stayed in Atlanta, relaxed and tried to catch up on some work (FAIL). My roommate's family drove down from North Carolina so we hosted thanksgiving dinner, which I can really toot my horn and say she and I did a AWESOME job cooking our first dinner. Everything turned out great! 
We did a little shopping on Friday so I snapped a  couple of pictures of what I wore. The only objective was comfort! I picked up the stainless steel pot set I wanted and got a adorable fedora from The Gap that I happened to accidentally stumble on.
Tomorrow's plan is church, tennis, and then my roommate and I are going to use all the left over turkey and  ham to make sandwiches ,and take them along with water and chips to feed the homeless. There is ABSOLUTELY no way we can eat the left overs and no way we are just gonna throw them away! I reflect on my life daily and it would be impossible for me to count my blessings. I am just really beyond thankful
Happy Thanksgiving!

Jeans: Levi's via Macy's

Cardigan and tank: Forever 21

Shoes and fingerless gloves: Ugg Australia via Nordstrom

Hat: Thrifted

Purse: Louis Vuitton via Louis Vuitton store

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  1. The food looks amazing and u look really cute and comfy!!