Thursday, August 15, 2013


Hey guys!! It's been a long busy week for me. I am playing catch up because I was in Utah visiting my family over the weekend. I had a great trip, but I was definitely wore out from hanging with my favorite eight year old. That girl definitely confirmed this weekend what I already knew...... I'm getting old ya'll...I'm getting old **sigh** LOL. I had my mini me snap some pictures of what I wore on Sunday.
I have been coveting a pair of gladiator sandals all summer, but kept striking out because all the ones that I tried on wouldn't zip over my big ole' calves. I lucked up on these ones when I was in New Orleans. I got them from a boutique on magazine street call "Shoe-Nami". I paired them with a tank, skater skirt, and I threw on a head wrap for fun. I am shocked at how well my Senagalese twists are holding up. I have had them for two months and probably could easily go another month, but I am ready for a change, so I will probably take them down next week, and put them back in before I go to Africa. I've been rocking turbans and head wraps lately because I get tired of wearing them up in, and this seems to be the best way for me to wear them down without looking like Milli Vanilli......LOL

A special shout out to my doll for being my photographer. You can check out the the other post she did for me HERE.
Skirt, Tank, Purse, Rings & Necklace: H&M (recent)
Sandals: Shoe-Nami, New Orleans, LA
Scarf: Express (old)


  1. Very cute!! I've given up on the gladiator sandal search. My calves just aren't havin it, lol!

    1. LOL @ Ticka I feel you girl, bc I had tapped out as well!

  2. You look fierce girl. Love the head wrap.


  3. U look cute... I had to seen my gladiator sandals back my lil legs couldn't keep 'em up! ~Sigh