Friday, July 5, 2013

"Fancy Friday- The "Overall" Effect"

One thing  for certain about fashion and trends is that they definitely repeat themselves, and this can definitely be said about the latest overall trend. I LOVED wearing overalls and can remember saving my pennies when I was in high school and splurging on a Tommy Hilfiger pair...LOL. Currently I am a jumpsuit girl, but totally love the rebirth of overalls and how they can be styled. I have yet to find a pair that is flattering on me, but when I do, you will most certainly see them on an OOTD post. Below are some images I found that inspire me, or are identical to what I had in mind in regards to how I would style mine.

I love all these looks but my favorite is probably the oxblood leather overalls and statement necklace worn by Russian Vogue Magazine editor Miroslava Dama, and the double denim look with the over-sized cat eye glasses. What look do you like the best? Are you feeling the overall trend?


  1. I love the overall trend that is coming back! However, I feel as if it is an item that has to be carefully styled. I need to get a pair in my closet soon, I already have an outfit in mind!


  2. I love this trend. I have a few pair that I've been anxious to rock and this post gave me even more inspiration to do so.


  3. This trend is so convenient for that time off the month, I was wearing them anyway for a few months as I gratefully found some in a thrift store
    But truthfully nothing really goes out of fashion if you style it right ;-)

  4. Overalls are definitely a timeless trend. I am searching for the perfect pair to fit my style.


  5. These are some pretty funky overalls! I do love the leather ones as well!

    Keep it Touched,