Friday, March 1, 2013


I don't know about you guys but I am definitely ready for spring and completely over this sporadic winter weather. I've had this dress since December but decided to wear it for the first time on Saturday. I was going to send it back because I wasn't feeling the length, but decided to go ahead and keep it because it was so comfortable and I loved the neon yellow color.

I paired it with my leather bomber jacket and my "Hell Raiser" flats that I purchased last year. My feet were still so tired from wearing these shoes Friday night that I really had no other choice than to wear something flat and comfortable.
I've never paid attention to those unwritten fashion rules. I will wear white all season long and as you see neon colors in winter.
So what about you guys?Are you stickler for the unwritten fashion rules, or do you march to the beat of your own drum?
Dress: Victoria's Secret found HERE
Jacket: Wilson's Leather (old)
Shoes: Nasty Gal seen HERE.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks love! Congrats on your wedding!!

  2. love the color of these dress and the pleats! you look so pretty!

  3. That color is nice on you! Love the dress! I'm working more and more on coming out of my fashion box. I feel better and more free every time I take another step!! I'm with you though… Wearing white in the winter has always been something I've done.

  4. Love this dress especially the color!! I don't care about "fashion" rules, I wear whatever color I feel like wearing whenever I feel like wearing it, I am a fashion rebel!! LOL!!

    Carsedra of:

    1. Thank you Carsedra, I am with you regarding the fashion rebel thing...LOL

  5. Beautiful color! I will be looking for this dress!