Wednesday, November 7, 2012

"Victorian Black"

For church on Sunday I slipped back into my all black rut *sigh*. I could be because I didn't have the energy to put anything together or my mood, I don't know, but either way all black is the easiest way to solve your " I don't know what to put on" situation.

I pulled out this extreme puff sleeve Victorian tie neck blouse that I have had for years. I actually bought the white version of this shirt as well, but had to give it a proper burial because it turned into an off dingy white.

Ok let's talk about these new Steve Madden shoes I added to my collection. They truly are a perfect combination of fierceness!

I hope everyone's week is going by quickly. Words can not even express how happy I am that we will continue to move forward as a country for the next four years!!! You can check out some of my other all black looks here, hereand here
Shirt: Local Boutique (old)
Skirt: Victoria's Secret (old)
Brooch: Chanel 
Shoes: Steve Madden found on SALE HERE!!!


  1. Super cute top!!! Never go wrong with leopard print!

    1. I agree Jazmine, I am so obsessed with the print.

  2. You are wearing this black! You look fabulous! I love the style of the puff sleeve blouse with the bow and everything. And those Steven Madden shoes? GORGEOUS! I need those in my closet asap lol

  3. that top is everything! i have been looking for a top just like that for the longest. you look great.


  4. love your top and whole outfit!

  5. That blouse is EVERYTHING and those shoes are a whole new level of fierce!

  6. Love this look and those shoes hunty are fiyah!!!

    Carsedra of:

  7. U are gorgeous! Love the dress on u!


  8. You look stunning! Your outfits never disappoint me!

  9. Reminds me of some of the Tawni Haynes tops and dresses