Friday, April 20, 2012

"Inspired- Men's Fashion"

Since I am such a fashion junkie, I felt obligated to share with you some of the men images that I have fallen in  love with. These guys definitely inspire me and make me want to step my game up! 
I LOVE how he did a double mixture of patterns with the purple and the suit.
The Arglye socks are a statement alone, but here they are even a bigger statement when combined with suits that are no where on the same color scheme as the socks.... LOVE IT!
As you can probably tell I love a "gentleman"
Love the old school MGM bag and cane.
I had to include Scott Disick. His style is impeccable, if I was a man, I think I would exactly like him.
All eight of these guys are so individual and fly, It was hard to choose which one I liked the most,but I think the gentleman with the rainboots and pink shirt is the one!

So what do you ladies think? Did these gentlemen inspire you to mix and match and think outside the box  the way they did me?  Which one was your favorite?


  1. Great vote is the guy dead center, combat boots and gray blazer...I think I'll recreate it for myself lol!

    1. Yes I he's killin it as should recreate the look, it will be HOT!

  2. love all these looks..they all look so dapper! I have the first picture on my blog as an inspiration as well, lol.