Friday, February 10, 2012

"Lace, Lace, Lace"

The combination of lace and ruffles is so feminine and pretty to me, so when I ran across this skirt online I immediately fell in love. I decided to be over the top with lace wore two Sundays ago when I went to church.
I've had these shoes for about two years now, and have only wore them maybe five times because they are not 100% comfortable. After an hour I am DONE. I can pretty much rock any inch heel, as long as it is a platform. It's funny because I can rock my Night Walkers alllll night with no problems and they are much higher than these shoes.This shoe is absolutely gorgeous, but heel on this is the pits!! I think I am just going to sell them.
 I found this necklace at a consignment shop years ago. I love the long chain with the pearl in the back that hangs low. 

Skirt: Asos found Here

Sleeveless Shirt & Cropped Lace Shawl: Forever 21

Tights: Target also seen Here

Shoes: Bebe (old)

Necklace: Chanel via Consignment


  1. Those tights are fabulous! Love them!

  2. Yes! I love love love lace....and pearls! You look great Fee!