Friday, January 13, 2012

"Tripod Friday"

In an effort to try and capture more of my looks I bought a tripod on last weekend. I decided to test drive it and my new camera that my mommy got me for Christmas. Unfortunately I only see my regular photog Sam once a week on the weekends, so to eliminate the frustration of not having someone to take my pictures on my schedule and fashion mood, a tripod was the best answer.
It was a super dress down casual Friday for me so I just snapped a few pics of what I wore when I ran out to  get  a mani/pedi.....

I got the idea to add a strap from one of my purses to my large Gucci hobo to make it more functional and it worked. I got the idea from one of the many amazing bloggers I follow Atlantic Pacific. In one of her posts she transformed her hobo the exact same way....awesome idea!!!

I hope everyone has a great three day weekend!!! xoxoxox

Denim Blazer, V neck shirt, Sweater, & Leggings: The Gap (old)

Hat: Thrifted

Boots: Forever 21 (old)

Gloves: Gifted from the bestie

Purse: Gucci via Gucci Store


  1. Very cute look! There's nothing like a casual cute look that makes you feel good. I switch my bag handles all the time.

  2. Thank you!! @ styleforcurves the one I found is perfect for what we need it for. I found it at Target for $32!, the brand is Targus