Friday, January 6, 2012

"Sneaks & Shih Tzu's"

Last Sunday my good friend Sam wanted to do a photo shoot with my and my roommate's dog to put on his Website. Since my roommate's dog Brady is certified ADHD I had to help him. He snapped a few pics of what I wore that day.

As you see I am not prejudice when it comes to sneakers..LOL. When I say I am a shoe addict, this includes hot sneaks as well. My go to casual/comfy outfit when running quick errands on the weekend most of the time includes a pair of Vans, Chucks (Converse) or Adidas.

Jeans: Levi's via Macy's

T-Shirt: Lady Footlocker

Sneakers: Adidas via Adidas Store (old)

Scarf: Aldo (old)

Leather Moto Jacket: Elie Tahari via TJ Maxx

Hat: Target


  1. You look super cute! Your pics look so good. Wish I had an official "photo shoot" =(.

    I love gymshoes too! Matter of fact, I'm rocking Nike trainers today! I also do Jordans, and the ever classic Air Force Ones.

  2. OMGGGGGGGGGGg u make sneakers look ridiculously cute I don't own any for style only a pair for the gym but THIS put hot sneaks on my 2012 wishlist......just make me spend all my money will you?? lolllllll

  3. Lol@style4curves we are definitely the blind leading the blind chica. @Ticka thanks I see u feel me with the sneaks!!

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