Monday, January 2, 2012

"December 31,2011"

I can't believe 2012 is actually here!! NYE was bitter sweet for me because I was supposed to be in Houston with my "Sex in the City" crew aka besties aka sisters aka best friends for 13 years strong celebrating but I ended up being stuck here in Atlanta.=0(. I was really looking forward to hanging with my girls,painting the town red, and wearing a freak em dress..LOL.  
On NYE I hung out with my other bestie/sister/roommate and my big homie Sam. We ended up going to a house party which was a low key good look and this is what I wore.

Sam is the one who usually takes my pictures with his amazing camera. I gave him the night off and just used my cell phone for these pics...LOL. He recently started doing photography and is really good if I must say because I am really really not photogenic. If you are in the Atlanta area and are looking for a photographer you should definitely check him out. You can see more of his work Here . HNY!!!!

Jeans: Forever 21

Tank: H&M

Shoes: Jeffery Campbell via Solestruck

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  1. LOVEs the kisses top!!! Never fear I'm sure u will wear that freak em dress soon doll!